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Wir schweifen aber vom Thema ab. :084:

FB-Gruppe ist sichtbar und man kann beitreten... "Triumph Trident/Tiger Sport 660 DACH"
Trident 660 Main Chat / ZARD DB Killer
« Last post by Bod999 on Today at 01:16 PM »

Hoping someone can help.

I had a Zard exhaust fitted by the dealer and when they installed in they removed the DB Killer.  When I returned to collect it I was given a very small metal part (pic below) that attached via a c clip.  There is nothing that goes inside the exhaust itself.

Can anyone confirm this is correct?  When installed it makes virtually no difference to the exhaust sound.

*Originally Posted by Paulinchen [+]
Der Link zu Facebook ist die Version mit DB-Killer :038:

The fb-profile is private, can't see the video :(
Der Link zu Facebook ist die Version mit DB-Killer :038:
The video is from the racing exhaust, not the euro 5 version :/
*Originally Posted by Jakeziii [+]
Is there any possibility for you to record some clip how that EURO 5 exhaust sounds like. With or without db killer.

ohne DB-Killer     
mit DB-Killer
*Originally Posted by JesseLou [+]
Which tail bag is that? I like the low profile look.

Hi JesseLou,

It is the Held Tenda Bag.
Trident 660 Main Chat / Re: Trident 2022 colours
« Last post by Erolek on Today at 10:19 AM »
Might be regional.
It's both on UK and Irish Triumph's websites as their current (2022) lineup.

I still like my 2021 Silver/Red combo the best.

Trident 660 Main Chat / Re: screen name message
« Last post by Chippy on Today at 10:18 AM »
As others have said, it was a bug! After the first 600 mile service, my bike was updated and now displays the name properly.  :430:
Trident 660 Main Chat / Re: Trident 2022 colours
« Last post by Chippy on Today at 10:16 AM »
Hi Erolek,

That Baja orange looks fire!  :062:

I'm guessing this is a regional color scheme though (I'm in North America!), as I don't see the same color on the Triump website. I only see: Crystal White, Sapphire Black, Matte Jet Black and Silver Ice, and Silver Ice Diablo Red.

ps: I think perhaps you mean 2023 model year? I bought a 2022 Crystal White earlier this year.  :152:
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