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New Member Introductions / Re: Old rider in Sweden
« Last post by tridentmania on Yesterday at 10:21 pm »
Hi &  :401: from an even older (79 yrs) rider, continued enjoyment  :152: :047: :821:
Thank you for the confirmation. Will contact them tomorrow and see if I can get the service pushed to an earlier date :)
New Member Introductions / Old rider in Sweden
« Last post by Pulon on Yesterday at 09:38 pm »
Old man (73 years) has joined this community  at last. Have had my Trident for 2.5 years now with 14000 km on it whiteout any issues at all!
Love the bike!
Trident 660 Main Chat / Re: Is this a normal issue on the trident 660?
« Last post by Pulon on Yesterday at 08:42 pm »
That is not normal! Contact the dealer ASAP.
Trident 660 Main Chat / Is this a normal issue on the trident 660?
« Last post by Meltingfrost on Yesterday at 05:01 pm »
So I just realised that my gear lever/shifter or w.e you call it is loose. Well the bracket it's mounted to is loose. Is this a normal issue?

I tried tightening the bolts that hold the bracket but the front one just spins so I'm assuming the threads are done. Luckily I'm still within warranty period but kind of sad to see bolts already dying after just 500km done on the bike.

Here's a video: https://streamable.com/xntf4i

I might be mistaken and this might actually be normal behavior of the gear shifter but it seems odd that the mounting bracket is also moving. The movement of the bracket also loosens up the rear bolt over time, Will let my dealer know when I send it in for service in 2 weeks. Should be covered by warranty right?

Got the same bag, its great...I have there wallet, house keys, pocket visor cleaner set, set for tire repairing, powerbank for phone, sometimes phone...ideal size for it... :152:
Trident 660 Main Chat / Re: Bluetooth module
« Last post by Akrubek on Yesterday at 01:20 pm »
*Originally Posted by Default_usr [+]
Hi together, i just wanted to give the conclusion of my problem... and how i solved it.

I sent back the N-Com B101R and bought (after trying at the shop) a Sena 3S Plus.
Phone connected to Trident and Sena 3S Plus connected to Trident:
Calling works perfect.
There is sound of music and navigation. Play/pause/skip works fine but i can't change volume on Trident display. It's the only issue and i can live with it. Therefor the headset got two buttons.

I tested a JVC HA-et45t (in ear), bought a couple of years ago for my phone. On the JVC everything is working perfect. Now I'm sure the headset causes the problem.

@FussyVegan: Thank you so much for support!

Hi, did you connect Sena with Trident as with Phone, MP3 or GPS? Because I just bought Schubert C5 with SC2, also Sena products, and there are these options...pairing as phone = no sound at all. Should play with it more, but maybe you can give me some info...
Hey, just bought C5 helmet with SC2 comm. Did you solve that issue?
For Sale / Wanted / Re: 2022 Trident 660 for sale. Matte black
« Last post by Dragula on Yesterday at 12:52 am »
Trident 660 Main Chat / Re: Triumph recall on Trident 660
« Last post by jackmestarbo on September 19, 2023, 11.15 am »
I had my recall completed last week and my idle and revs are exactly the same as before.
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