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Trident 660 Main Chat / Re: Engine dies
« Last post by Roger W on Today at 07:55 am »
I bought my trident late last year and which has approx only 3,000 km on the clock due to lots of wet weather and a injured knee. When back riding and after having to charge the battery I had the warmed up engine power roll off dieing of my bike. For example after 30 mins or so riding and on a fast bit of road I would roll off the power to slow down (slightly) and the engine would die and the red warning light would come on. I would also have potential and actual stalling at red lights and starting required more throttle .  After a few of these I took my bike back to my brilliant dealer and maybe we jointly went off in the wrong direction thinking after the bike layup that the petrol had congealed and blocked the jets - even though as I thought later I only used 95 octane unleaded with no ethanol and should not congeal. The dealer drained the petrol,  the jets etc were taken out and cleaned, spark plugs replaced and cleaner put into the petrol. The dealer said they were not happy as when the bike was warmed up the engine start would not be first time and required increased throttle. My dealer Talking  to Triumph technical support they said the bike required riding to relearn its proper operating profile. I took the bike back and drove it around town, it was rough, stalled at junctions, and the power roll off at speed made the engine die. I used all the petrol and filled up with the usual 95 octane unleaded no ethanol and it was a new bike sounding much better. However took three attempts at starting at the petrol station . Next day went for another ride after 20 mins, it stalled at red light and was not easy to restart and coming off the free way rolled the power off and it died again. I took it straight back to the dealer, the service manager looked at the bike tried to start it and it needed 2 goes ( the second with increased throttle ) to get it going - the service manager still is not happy ( as am I ) . I have passed on this thread to the service manager and he said it was worth a go, so waiting to see what happens next.  Fingers crossed.
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Luggage softbags
« Last post by CloudBoy on Yesterday at 08:14 pm »
*Originally Posted by Erolek [+]
Fitted today the Hepco and Becker panniers and the rack. Without a doubt the bike lost a lot of its clean tail looks, but on the other hand the tank bag is not very useful, and I hate riding with the backpack, so this was the necessity for me. The wife says that the bike looks now more like a 'proper' bike, but her perfect bike was Honda Deauville, so her view on the matter is slightly skewed.

Anyway - here she is, and the panniers seem sturdier than SW Motech I had in the Bonneville and there are waterproof liners inside (and most importantly - my laptop just about fits inside).



will a full-face helmet fit inside the bag?
Trident 660 Main Chat / Re: Tank cover fit.
« Last post by Enzo660 on Yesterday at 04:48 pm »
Thanks a lot for your reply.
Yes I am aware of those holes in the tank cover and am wondering what prevented Triumph of adding some bolts there.

I do believe my tank cover was taken off at the dealer in order to instal bluetooth module. Yet this autumn I want to instal heated grips so I will remove tank cover then and try to fit it properly.

Trident 660 Main Chat / Re: Tank cover fit.
« Last post by 3Teeth660 on September 28, 2022, 08.06 pm »
Hi Enzo,

I had my tank cover off a couple of days ago and it is possible for the two front corners to be incorrectly fitted.  Has your tank cover been taken off to fit an accessory perhaps?
I've just looked again at mine and there is slight movement on the right and a little bit more on the left.  There is a a fairly stiff plastic or metal ledge with a drainage hole in it on both sides that the tank sits down onto and there's a slight rebate in the underside of the tank cover where the two parts mate.  There's also a drain hole in the tank cover that sort of corresponds.

Taking the cover off is faily straight forward as seen here, courtesy of jRob Rides. 

If you pause it at 7:43 you get a glimpse of the tank cover corners. 

Here is an photo with the tank off, showing the ledge, just below the two connectors and directly above the coolant hose.  Hope this helps.

For Sale / Wanted / Re: Sahara Seat Cover
« Last post by Studio X on September 28, 2022, 06.30 pm »
Thanks for getting back. Appreciate it.
For Sale / Wanted / Re: Sahara Seat Cover
« Last post by cjdscratch on September 28, 2022, 04.41 pm »
I loved the look of it. But found that it was more comfortable without it.
For Sale / Wanted / Re: Sahara Seat Cover
« Last post by Studio X on September 28, 2022, 03.08 pm »
Just curious, why did you sell it?
For Sale / Wanted / Re: Sahara Seat Cover
« Last post by cjdscratch on September 28, 2022, 02.25 pm »
I added the factory fit to my order and they currently donít work! Triumph dealer said a software update was required?
Trident 660 Main Chat / Re: Weird sound
« Last post by tridentmania on September 27, 2022, 09.20 am »
I took mine to the dealers as soon as I noticed this ( March'21) and the technician explained what it was and that it was normal.  :152:
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