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    Clubman Bars? Maybe not…
    on: June 22, 2022, 07.41 am
    June 22, 2022, 07.41 am
    TL:DR - I rode 1,000 miles with clubman handlebars on my Trident. It was a lot of fun, but uncomfortable to the point that I decided to go back to the stock bars.

    So… I tried something crazy: clubman bars on the Trident. It took three attempts to find a set of bars that would even fit, considerable testing and adjustment of the final set of bars, and more time than I would have ever guessed. But, after nearly 1,000 miles on the clubman bars, I decided to go back to stock.

    It wasn’t terrible when riding with the clubman bars, if you’re okay with an aggressive, super sport body position. That said, because of the rake of the front fork, your wrists, and a decent portion of you body weight, will be beyond the top of the front fork. This means considerably more brake dive and weight on your wrists when braking. Also, at 37 years of age, I found riding in this body position for more than an hour put too much strain on my neck and wrists, as well as no small amount on my lower back.

    All that being said, it was a lot of fun to ride around on something that felt more like a true cafe racer. It felt a lot more sporty, since tirns felt like the were far more dependent on body position and lean angle rather than when in the more upright position.

    I don’t recommend doing what I did, but it can be done.