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Start up issues?
on: October 19, 2021, 12.10 PM
Hey everyone,
wondering if this happens to anyone else. 1 out of 3 times my Trident won't start on the first go. It's generally a cold start issue, BUT, I may turn off the bike for a few minutes after having ridden it for long enough and it will sometimes still not start on the first try.
The second try always works though.

Here's a video from this morning.

I know it looks like I am holding it a little longer than normal, but it's because I "heard" the drop on the first instance and thought maybe just a little more. But it's not rocket science, short hold, longer hold, still the same.

My other issue is gear changes. Up until the other week I was convinced it was a neutral to first gear downshift issue. But the other day I had a kind of an emergency and had to come to a full stop on 5th gear. I just had to try over and over again to drop the bike down to first gear. This is what I generally have to do to get the bike to go to first gear from Neutral. I don't know what it is. It's not very often, generally no issues, but it is just often enough that since I got the bike I am rarely ever stopping on neutral. I am much preferring to hold the clutch at first gear because I don't want to hold off traffic while struggling to get the bike in gear and take off on a red light. Of course, my left hand hates me for it!


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Re: Start up issues?
Reply #1 on: October 20, 2021, 04.27 PM
Hi mversion,
Yeah, not uncommon for my bike to start second time too.  I don't think it's a problem, but we all expect modern bikes to fire up first time I suppose.

If you ever need to change down from 5th or similar, down to first gear, as it's a sequential 'box, you need the gears rotating slightly to give them a chance to mesh.  It's standard practicice to feather the clutch out slightly between down shifts while you are stationary.  If the engine is not running, rocking the bike back and forth will ease it between gears too, usually neutral to first / second or first to neutral.  Normally though, if you've been stopped in neutral with the engine running, when you pull the clutch in to select first, the gears are still spinning so it clunks into 1st with no problem.  If though you keep the clutch in while in neutral, first gear can be hard to select some of the time as the gears might have come to a standstill.

One eco-option is to flick the kill switch off (and back on) to stop the engine at the lights, having found first gear while still rolling up to the line mind. (Just don't stop the engine while the bike is still moving - the electronics don't like that).  That way you can rest both hands and the bike won't roll.  It's good practice at long-wait level crossings, if you need to chat with a fellow biker and it may be appreciated by car drivers.  You just need to pull in the clutch, hit the starter and off you go.


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Re: Start up issues?
Reply #2 on: October 21, 2021, 07.22 PM

I have had the same thing happening on my Trident as well. You described it well :002: . To me, it looks like it is a problem with the gasoline I was using at the time. I had a bigger "batch" of gasoline in jerrycans I got at once. With this gasoline it all started! This gasoline is gone by now and with the new gasoline it starts without a problem.... Curious what was causing the issue, I started experimenting with some different fuel stations. I got gasoline at a more "premium" station first, no issues. Now, I got the gasoline from the station where it all started and the issue is not occurring anymore  :084: . I am still waiting for the bike to rest for a couple of days to see if this makes a difference. All the gasoline I used was 95 octane, so no changes in octane.
I also tried with the bike standing on a paddock stand and on the sidestand (standing in that position for a couple of days), but this doesn't make a difference.
The weather didn't change that much (still bad), so I don't think that has an influence.

Regarding shifting into first, it's sometimes difficult for me as well. What helps for me is releasing the clutch a little bit while pressing down the gearshifter. You can feel it "click" into gear. This is just to get the gears turning a little bit. For the complete information, 3Teeth660 did a great explanation about how it works!  :763: :762: