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Re: Aftermarket Exhaust
Reply #10 on: June 24, 2021, 11.39 AM
 :762: (unfo had the same issues with insurance companies.... jobs worth!)


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Re: Aftermarket Exhaust
Reply #11 on: July 25, 2021, 09.37 AM
So far I have found the following exhausts which could possibly be considered (EU5 homologation available):


Video: (racing version, not street legal)


Video: No video found

I have already been in contact with the Swiss importer for the Zard system, which can be legally installed with homologation. Unfortunately I haven't found any videos with the EU5 exhaust of the Zard system yet, in all videos the racing exhaust was mounted which is not street legal.

I would be very interested if anyone has already installed the EU5 homologated Zard exhaust on their Trident 660, how the sound is and if it is worth it for 1300 Swiss Francs (1030 ).

I am still waiting for more options from the well known exhaust manufacturers (SC Project, Arrow, Scorpion etc.) so if you find anything I would be very happy if you share it with me here.